Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Year Times: 3 {Trike Ridin'}

On a certain 3rd birthday, a certain little girl got a little pink tricycle.
Actually, it's not all that little.
See those steps on the back?
I think they could carry your dad...
You'd been riding around the house for weeks before we finally took you out for a real test drive.

That baby brother always enjoys a good outdoor show.
You provided that for him.
And he was having a grand time.
Lots of squeals & growls were cheering you on.

You looked good on that tricycle.
Like the real deal.
But...the actual riding & steering proved a little more difficult to master.
That's okay, though. We were just learning.

Dad stuck right by your side.
He's good like that.

I love that.

You made it down the block & back.
Then frustration set in.

That's okay.
We understand.
It's not easy learning to ride a little pink tricycle.
So what should we do now?

Oh! I know...
Have dad save the day.
That's always a great solution!


Liz said...

I love this Amber! You are so good at this blogging thing...you need to teach me! lol You're little darling is just that darling! Hope ya'll had a great vacation! AND next year we must do it together BEFORE we both end up with another kiddo! hee hee ;)

The Lowry Place said...

Kaylen has a bike already and it's just way to hard for her yet. But it looks like Parker is on her way to having it mastered and will before to long I bet.