Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Trip for 2

Yep, we went to San Antonio, left Parker for 4 days, ate TONS of tex mex (mmm), saw the Alamo, and had lots of fun:). It was a really nice trip. Felt like old times. Before a baby. We even went and saw a movie, after dinner, without having to call a babysitter, and without having to pick up a kid afterward. Felt nice....and a little weird:).

Yes....talking to Parker. This was our first morning, about to head out to see what was around us. We got into San Antonio Thursday evening, and thanks to your husband Tiffany, ate great fajitas and went to bed while watching a movie:). It was like 10:00. hehe
So we were out to see the sites, but I had to hear that little voice first thing. She sang her ABC's for us...

Here's the Alamo....in case you were wondering. I was having pregnant issues (hard time walking....you don't really want to know) so we took it slow, I sat a lot, and we enjoyed the history. Especially Mitchel. He was like a little boy. Excited about all that had gone on in that place. He's so cute. And, it was really cool:).

Another great place to thank James for. Really cool place, really good food, and lots of  really good Mexican pastries. I was a happy lady. I even had a Mexican hot chocolate in July:). 

Same place. You walk in and these are hanging over your head. You know what the first thing out of our mouth's were??
"Parker would love this!"
Yep, we're parents. Officially. I like it.

Me and my honey. We actually got a picture together:). I was so happy. Usually it's just me. Looking weird. Yes, that's the riverwalk. Stayed right beside it. And our room overlooked it. I guess that's really the only way to stay in San Antonio. Really pretty. And hot. But you kind of get over it.

Ha! I'm cracking up! See what I mean? Me....looking goofy. Those flip flops were the only comfortable shoes I brought. I know, they don't match, but they felt good. 
But you see where I am? *smile*

Another one of us. Except here, I look more like my mom than I ever have in my entire life. Isn't that crazy?! Mom, you should frame it. Proof that I really do belong to you!
Just in case you were wondering...we were enjoying our ice cream sitting next to the riverwalk. Lots of nice times like that. It was even better when a family walked by and their 2 year old threw a big fit, and they had to leave the store we were in front of. Made me laugh a little. Then I wondered what Parker was up to...

I threw this in for all you out there who keep wondering if I look pregnant. The answer is a loud yes. This baby is moving a lot already too. I'm a little afraid that I have a big baby in here. But I love feeling that little one. Nice reminder that it's all worth it. 
Wonder if I should worry about all that action??

Now I'm hungry. Really good, CHEAP breakfast tacos. Ate there twice. They were G-O-O-D.

Ha! I got one of him:). He's always glued to the camera whenever we go anywhere, but I was determined to get him in a few, and I succeeded!! He's so cute. And mine.

Just a cool shot of the riverwalk.

Our hotel. Apparently it's been there a long time. Like a really long time. It was nice. Really pretty & cozy. Perfect just for us. We relaxed, hung out, walked a ton, talked, and just enjoyed each other. I think getaways like this should be required. Like a clause in your marriage license:). It was really good. When are you going to take me away again Mitchel? And do you think we could squeeze Parker in our suitcase to take out and look at every now and then:)?

Oh! And on the way home, we hit the HUGE outlet mall in San Marcos (yeah, he's a shopper too....one good guy), and bought ourselves a new dining room table from Pottery Barn. Are you ready for this....
Yep, that's it. 
Ah. Good times...


The Johnson's said...

Awe, I’m glad you guys had a great time! Great pictures and something funny is I think we were there at the same time! We got into San Antonio Friday and headed back Monday morning! Ha!

Sherrie Kulwicki said...

$100 for a dining room table!!! Holy cow!!! That's Aunt Sha's kind of deal. Glad you had a good time and yes, it should be a clause in the marriage license!!! HA HA Love you 3.5

The Lowry Place said...

OK I don't care what the doctor says your the cutest kiddo ever. You and your baby bump. He is just mean you should get a new doctor who is nice. :-D

Glad you had a lot of fun and had good food on your trip away. I like going to San Antonio ever so often.

Tiff said...

oh, Mi Tierra's... I love it. I need my fix. We eat there every time we are in San Antonio, it's a family tradition by now, I think.
Glad you guys had fun and that my husband gave you good places to eat.
Why is food always the main event of vacations?