Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July

Finally. Took me a while to get these pictures uploaded. It's been busy around here lately! 
Parker wound up sick running fever on the actual 4th of July, and somehow I forgot to take any pictures at my family's get together. My mind was a little preoccupied.

Our church has a Freedom Festival every year, and we always have a really great time. Mitchel works super hard that day, and we don't usually get to see him until water slides are over, but this year he had a little extra work to take care of. Her name was Parker:).

See their feet? Cute. And, no, she wasn't scared one bit. Super excited though. Are we sure she's related to me??

Waving down to me. She was smiling so big and waving so hard. Made me smile.

All done. Wet, feeling good, and ready to go again. She only got to go down 3 times before time was up (my fault....I made us a little late....) and she was not too happy about getting off of them, but she's a trooper, and was happy again in no time.

Okay....sorry Mikah....but this picture cracks me up. Parker's friends Mikah and Skylar. Sweet girls that we love. Skylar is 5 months older than Parker, BUT was greatly offended that SHE didn't get to hold Parker for the picture.

All better. Of course Parker's not looking so thrilled this time. Oh well:). Good buddies...they have to be. hehe 
Skylar....you're such a nut.

My favorite picture. She makes me laugh.

Parker and her Papa. Mimi was out of town for the 4th, but Parker kept him company for a while.

The band. They did a great job even though it was like a 1000 degrees out. Poor things.

There was also dancing to the music.

The fireworks were really good. P loved them. She amazes me. We all had lots of fun.

P & daddy catching the "fiya-works" together.
Good times, late night, very tired kids:).

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The Lowry Place said...

Those water bounce houses are the thing these days. Just think your going to have double fun when you get to take two kiddos to do these things. So exciting!