Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Water Baby

We've been spending lots of time outside, but in order for mom to be happy and not sweat to death, I make sure we're always playing with water:). That, of course thrills Parker, who if I don't bring water out, ends up playing in Lilly's water bowl anyway. So....there you go. 

I finally remembered to bring my camera to the pool, and got some photos of our girl in action. She LOVES the pool. She's like a fish. She calls herself a turtle, and floats around on her belly. She's in the water the minute you say it's okay (yea, she actually waits for permission...) and she doesn't step out until we MAKE her. Cracks us up. But it's nice. Besides the times she's been face down in the water and can't get up, (ugh) I've really been enjoying my water girl. 

She loves the "kiddie poo" and if she had it her way, she'd live there.

Sitting on the sprinkler thing in the pool. A new favorite pastime:).
She was saying, "where'd the wata go?"

My 2 fishies. She comes by loving the pool honestly. Can't keep Mitchel out of them either. He makes it even more fun, I've gotta say.

For her birthday, Parker got a picnic table with a water/sand table under the top, and I love it! She does too:). 

Lilly thinks this is her new water bowl...hmm.

She scoops water & floats boats forever. And of course pours water on me too. It wouldn't be fun without getting mom wet, I suppose:).

Good times.

Oh, and now she's got the bucket for Lilly's water bowl. See Lilly's nose in the picture?? Parker looks so excited. I bet I had just gotten nice and wet by her & the dog. Oh so much fun....


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Parker has the right idea for these miserably hot days! Kids are so smart - just get wet!!!

Tiff said...

I have never seen a table like that.. how cool.

The Lowry Place said...

She is SOOO CUTE! Such a little lady.