Monday, July 27, 2009

The Mershawn Inn

2 weeks ago, we had a guest at our house. He was a boy. His name is Gavin.
His parents are our youth pastor's, and they had camp that week, and since all family related to them lives in Canada, Gavin was in need of a temporary stay with another family:). Am I making him sound like a pet? Hmm....

Anyway...we said yes to him staying with us, and it was a lot of fun. He's such a great kid, and such a B-O-Y. He showed up at our door Monday morning, and quickly entered, found Parker's little wagon, and pushed it around for an hour and a half. No joke. 

He pushed it so long, the wheel fell off. I cracked up.
 Not his fault...Miss P is known for taking WILD rides in that thing with her Dad...

Speaking of the girl, she was really excited to have "Gam-in" stay at our house.
I think it was really interesting to her to have him here. They both spent the week happy, playing, and slightly confused.

Good buddies. I've never seen Gavin smile that big. Made me smile. 
They were having fun.

Sharing the slide. I was very impressed with the sharing that went on in our house that week.
It was really great to see Parker with another kid her age. She did so well. It made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy seeing her be so sweet and loving to someone else. But then again, she's always sweet & loving....most of the time.
Gavin was equally sweet & loving. Such good little first borns:).

He liked our water table too:). They had water everywhere. Including on me. I was wearing pajama pants. Yuck.

So, they were playing away, and Gavin hears an airplane. He went running out into the yard pointing up at the sky. He was so excited Parker came to see what was up. Then as he kept saying in his deep boy voice, "pane," my little girl starts saying in her little minnie mouse voice, "Pane, where are you?!" Boys and girls...

See? More sharing. They were squeezed in that little thing.

I told her they should switch. Boys get the gas in the girl's car. She didn't agree. Oh well. She'll learn:).
Mitchel came home from work that Thursday, hears this voice, and yells, "Hello?" like he was a little freaked out. I pop my head around the corner, and he asks who's here. I said Gavin. We laughed. What would we do with a boy?
His mom, Liz, came home the next morning, and he wouldn't let her out of his sights. It was really sweet. He loves her like P loves me. I like that. We're all the same. 
Gavin made me realize that even though boys and girls are very different, they're very much the same...easy to love. Thanks for letting us get to know and love on your little boy Dekold's! 
He's great.


Tiff said...

such sweet kids... and how sweet of you to add another one to your family for the week. I know it was a blessing to Liz.

The Lowry Place said...

OMG that is so cute! Looked like they played really well together. I'm hoping that will be Jacob and Kaylen later when they get to be Parker's age. Right now they just take toys from each other.

Tina Certain said...

AHHH, such sweet pictures and the togetherness is too cute!