Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grilling with Daddy

One of the things we love (as I'm sure you all do as well) about summer are the quick dinners on the grill. Yummy, smells great, makes the neighbors jealous:), & overall pretty healthy. Parker has joined in on the fun this year. She loves the fire that Mitchel makes to get the charcoal going (yes, we're old school). She looks for rolly polies, sits in her chair, drives her car, and cries whenever Mitchel brings her back inside. Ahh. What a life:).

Nice, hot afternoon in the sun.

What's this Daddy? I can just hear her now...


Mimi gave Parker this chair last year....if the backdoor opens, she's running to sit in that chair:).

Yelling at Lilly...
We love summertime.


Tiff said...

Hey, charcoal is the best way to grill.... James says there's no other way to do it! It adds great flovor.

The Johnson's said...

Oh, yes summertime! :) It’s funny because I’ve always been more of a winter person but how kids will change you … after having Slade summertime is just SO much more fun! :)

Paula's Life said...

k...now i am hungry for something grilled :)

The Lowry Place said...

Oh I do like the new blog lay out, looks fabulous! We need some belly photos so get Mitchell to get some photos of you.