Sunday, October 18, 2009

The State Fair

Can't believe it's already that time of year again.
It's always so crazy when the Fair rolls around again.
We go almost every year. I always have. Since I was a little kid.
I have memories of eating frito pies, corny dogs, cotton candy, & buying those plastic necklaces with all the big plastic charms on it. Watching the dog shows, the birds, the parade, and hanging out with Big Tex.
Mitchel has lots of State Fair memories too. Mostly of food.

Which makes it all the more fun to take our girl.
Making new memories for her is really special, & it's fun sharing our old one's with her too.
We always start with lunch from home....I'm cheap.
Don't worry....after lunch, the ticket spending game is on!
And look what we ate our lunch next to:

It was a fascinating experience for Parker.
First time to ever see cotton candy, much less eat it.
And....it was PINK.
She was giddy.

Neither of us noticed her purse on her shoulder until looking at these pictures later.
She's so darn cute.

Then she had to learn how to eat it:).
That first bite was very interesting.
She figured it out...

Then it was off to the petting zoo.
This guy was my FAVORITE.
Who wouldn't love an adorable baby giraffe?
I wanted to squeeze him.
I refrained.

This one just made me laugh.

Parker had 2 big highlights of her fair day.
This was the first.
She was SO excited about the pigs. Then she got to pet them.
"My touch them!! My touch the piggie!"
Told me over & over, even though I was sitting right there.
It was very thrilling.
They were really cute too.

Parker saying hi to Elsie.
Apparently it was her birthday this year.
Not sure how old. Just happened to catch that.
So, Happy Birthday Elsie Cow:).

At the fountains.

Mitchel getting some 2 year old lovin'.
The sweetest kind...

And here's highlight #2.
I think she loves him. Or just can't figure out what he is.
She waved her little heart out to Big Tex.
Then she just stared at him. Every time she heard a man's voice all day long, she'd say,
"My hear Big Tex!" & "Oh, there he is."
Big Tex, you have a very cute 2 year old wrapped around your finger.
Too bad you're not real.

Can you read the steering wheel?
Oh Mitchel...

I was choking on Root Beer.
After Mitchel took the picture, he laughed & said what were you doing? Like I was making the face on purpose.
Then, he kept the picture.
I thought I'd put it to use here.

That makes me nervous...

End of the day.
We were pooped.
Why is it that the walk back out to your car seems to take an eternity when you leave the Fair?
I thought I might lay down & die before we got there. Then I apologized for being dramatic.
I made it. We all did. It was so much fun, but I'm glad I have a year to go before having to eat cotton candy, corny dogs, funnel cakes, ice cream bars, tater twisters, chocolate milk (yeah, I know)....again. It'll take me that long to work it all off. Just kidding...
I'll end with this:

Good times together.
I really, really love these guys.


Tina Certain said...

AHHH! What sweet pictures! I love the purse! Cracks me up! I love the last picture, end to a perfect day! Cherish!! Hugs!

The Lowry Place said...

She is she carrying her own purse? That is just to precious. Looks like ya'll have so much fun. Maybe when Kaylen is older we'll start a tradition with taking her.

Sherrie Kulwicki said...

I saw the purse right off. Kylie would be thrilled. She actually had "fair night" for Brandon tonight. She cooked chili and corny dogs and ice cream and peach cobbler. Brandon had to talk like Big Tex - and she did it all in her heels!!! Oh, the girly-girls!! And just think - Tucker had his first State Fair experience too. :)