Monday, December 13, 2010

Countdown 1 year {12 months!}

Tuck...you're 1!
I can't believe that one year ago, you were a tiny, sweet newborn.
I love that your birthday is close to Christmas...even though it is crazy.
It will always make me think of Mary...and her sacrifice.
And I'm grateful for that.

Oh boy...at one year, you are moving forward all the time.
You are taking 4- 5 steps at a time & you get very proud of yourself.
You squeal & laugh as you make your way to your goal...usually someone with open arms.

You know how to drive cars, tractors, dump trucks, & trains.
How? I have no explanation...except that you are a boy.
Some of your favorite things to do are:
clearing dvds out of the entertainment center, pulling toilet paper until it is all gone, then ripping it up into shreds, turning the tv on & off, unplugging things, playing in any cabinet (kitchen, bathroom...our house, or not...), drinking from your sister's cup...you keep us on our toes.

You can say dada, dog, car, uh-oh, & mama (sometimes...).
You wave hi & bye, know when daddy's home, tell Lilly no when she's barking, & yell for your sister when you hear her.

You've stopped putting EVERYTHING in your mouth & only choose the most interesting things to put in it. Hmm.
You love to push things...chairs, toys, your wagon, your new lawn mower.
And...you know how to use a vacuum. If only it weren't a toy...

We think you're awesome Tucker B.
At your 12 month check up you were 19 lbs 5 oz (7%), 30 in (55%), & your head...95th percentile. :)
You have your first ear infection, discovered at your birthday appointment (sad) & you had 3 shots & blood drawn. Happy birthday to you.
But you're such a trooper.
And, you love your new pink medicine...
Happy birthday little man.
You keep the twinkle in our eyes...along with that crazy sis up there.

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Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Isn't it weird how they just 'know' about being 'boy?' I mean - I understand my boys...they didn't have a sister...but I kinda thought Tucker might be...well, a little less...manly. ha It's just funny to me. Happy 1st Year Tuck-man! You are loved.