Thursday, March 3, 2011


Back in 2010 :)...
Mitchel & I turned 29.
I married a younger man.
By a month & 2 days.
My birthday is in October.

He always surprises me.
Parker was so excited about "the cd of the band."
I've been a Third Day fan since I was 13. Oh yeah baby.
Mitchel made that chocolate cake for me FROM SCRATCH.
He knows me so well. Cool baby.
You are so cool.

Then we went to a drive in movie.
It was so fun.
So fun.
And, we ate nachos, cheeseburgers & chocolate cake in the car.
And didn't have to share with little hands.
It was a good birthday.

Mitchel turned 29 in November.
We took him camping.
Well...cheater camping :).

A certain sweet baby was still a crawler.
It seems weird that he was crawling just a short time ago.

Cheater camping means you get to sleep in a camper.
That has heaters inside.
And a bathroom for just in case in the middle of the night.
In- laws are a blessing.
They let their son, crazy daughter-in-law, & 2 "excited" kids run loose in their super nice camper for a weekend.
And, they were thrilled about it.
How would we make it without 3 year olds...
they are the spice of life.

Roasting marshmallows was absolutely Miss P's highlight of our trip.
We bought campfire roasters (translation: ginormous marshmallows).
They were extra big.
And extra messy.

Breakfast in the cheater "tent".
It was beautifully fall out our windows.

I grew up camping.
This was always the best part.
Mitchel agrees.
I think Parker does now too.

I promise I made him a FROM SCRATCH cake too.
I just couldn't get camping together & bring along a real cake.
And, hey. Hostess cupcakes?
Great camping party food.

That boy.

And his dad.

And that big girl.
They've stolen my heart away.

Birthdays are really pretty great.
Especially when you're with your family doing what you love.

It seems to be the big shock right now when people find out we'll be 30 this year.
I've been fine with it (so far). It's just a number, right?
I still feel like I'm young. Like I have SO MUCH still to learn about this life I've been given.
And, so far, 29 has been a really great year.
God is moving, He's drawing us, we're desiring so much more.
We know He has much more for us to learn about His people & what He wants us to do for them.
And that's what makes life exciting.
Not turning 30.
So. This post has been a long time coming...
Happy Birthday to my favorite.


Jalissa said...

Oh to be young again! Happy Birthday!

Crystal said...

i just love the "adjusting" picture... and i can't get over how much tuck looks like a baby in the breakfast pic. so cute. happy late, late, late birthday!

Shane said...

Happy belated birthday to you both!!

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

oops, sorry, that previous post was from me....I for some reason was signed in under shane's email :)