Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Date Night Project

Our 8th anniversary was June 14th.
I like seeing what traditional gifts are each year.
This year the traditional/modern gift was linen.
So, I made some "hoop art" for my honey:).
(after borrowing an idea from etsy...although, mine is not as cute as hers)
With fake linen. I'm a risk taker...or just cheap.
You can decide.

But...since my "traditional" gift was a little, well, not so manly, I wanted to do something more focused on us. Not just cute, but fun.
Date nights. For a year.
Found the idea here.

I cut rectangles out of white paper.
Then I cut slightly larger rectangles out of different styles of cute scrapbook paper & graph paper (I super heart graph paper).
The larger rectangles were the backs for the white paper.

And, of course, those rectangle notecards fit inside these envelopes that were each stamped with a month of the year.

Then I planned out a date night for each month.
No specifics like time or date...
just the place we will go & what we will do.
I searched "cheap date ideas in Dallas" online, & came up with some fun stuff.
I also planned some of our regular favorite things too, because now that we have kids, our regular favorites don't happen all too often.

The next step was fun.
I wrote out a note for each month.
And decorated my note.
Just with a pen.
No printing. So easy. And in my handwriting.
To my sweetheart.

I stuffed the envelopes...

and set them out for a happy anniversary surprise.

He's cute.
And he makes me happy.
And he can't open the envelopes until their month comes around.
I like making him squirm:).
He likes it too...

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Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

You are so creative!! I love that idea, might have to borrow it!!