Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's been too long.
Sorry about that.
There's a lot going on in my mind these days.
We've had a lot of changes going on lately.
Friends moving away, baby preparations (which includes gaining weight & measuring BIG), more friends leaving...yuck.

Mitchel is the new youth pastor at our church.
Which is pretty crazy.
It's been good, great, amazing, scary, overwhelming, a lot to take in...
After 8 years in the children's department at Lakeshore, it's strange to feel new again.
And a little incapable.
And a little nervous.

With all that change, I feel like my mind is in a whirlwind.
Or a tornado. Or a vacuum.

Anyway. It's time to share something here.
And, I know posts are no fun unless they are really about my kids.
So, thanks to my recent instagram obsession, here's a glimpse into our lives over the last month...

My babies on a Sunday morning...
oh, I love them.

My silly boy snuggling on the...
coffee table.

We love Chick Fil A.

That same silly boy...
he makes us laugh everyday.

Our cowboy.
Those holsters come complete with guns, sound effects, & awesome facial expressions.

Spending time with a best friend at a sweet cousin's birthday party.
Brushing giant teeth...

Wearing Valentine boots (thanks to a certain Grammy) & sneaking a game on his mama's phone.

Sweet morning moments.
In cuddly jammies.

2nd meal of cereal in one day.
One day he will not be picky.
Instead, he will eat us out of house & home.

Lots of play time at the park these days.
Sweet, big girl.
How did that happen so fast?

Dude. You're 2.
Quit climbing like your 4.
You're giving your mama gray hairs.
For real.

A sweet boy riding in a stroller so his mama can get some much needed "exercise."
He's a good buddy.

His reward for being such a good buddy to his mama.
Play time; which was spent entirely in this swing.
I could squish him. All the time.

My favorite.
Home on a Friday.
I love Fridays.

Never know what you might find while roaming the aisles at Target.
Including 2 really cute spidermen.
I've never felt safer while shopping.

Sweet sleepy heads, coming home on a Sunday afternoon.


We are doing good.
It's always good when you are just trusting God.
We know that we are in the place He wants us & we're excited about getting to know & being a part of some really special peoples' lives.
This is a unique experience & one we feel very blessed to be walking through.
Now, if only the rest of our friends stay put!

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Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

Can't believe how big your kids are getting and that you'll have three before too long! Crazy! They are too cute, such sweet pictures!