Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tucker {4 years}

You ready for a Tucker overload?
He's been 4 since December 5 & his mom is way behind.
But that's ok. Here's to a cute little 4 year old boy!

Tucker B, it's so hard to believe you're 4.
You were born at a really special time of year & each year at Christmas, I'm flooded with memories of bringing you home & our first days together as a family of 4.
Really special memories.
Like your newly big sister sitting on the counter while we made sugar cookies, her covered in flour & cramming as much dough as possible in her mouth & me, navigating new waters, having to keep my eyes on her & you.
We've come a long way, baby!
 At 4, you are still so you.
You are loud, happy, shy, moody, playful, & rambunctious.
And love all things boy.
 And let's pause a minute on those boots.
Man. I wish you would wear them forever.
And your shirt? It's you.
Thank you Old Navy.
 But at 4, I can also see glimpses of a bigger picture in you.
You are loyal. You love your brother & sister fiercely. When one of them hurts you, it truly hurts; in & out. You have a few friends that you love. You talk about them a lot & wonder about what they might be doing…they stay on your mind.
And when you get to see those guys, they're greeted by a big smile & hug, & if they're lucky, a famous Tucker growl.
 You are careful. Not so much in your actions, but in your trust & in your mind, you are careful with what you let out & who you let in.
You get embarrassed if someone notices something you've done & really don't like attention drawn your way. We'll call it humble…not shy:).
 You love action. And you're pretty much always doing something.
Busy. Action. All in the same.
 You can almost count to 20, or at least of what I've heard.
It's not uncommon for you to surprise me with things you know.
ABC's, numbers, colors…we work on them, you're not too interested, then all of a sudden you know it.
You know just about every color.
You know your whole name.
You're starting to really love drawing.
You know lots of shapes.
And the way you spell your name is just way too cute.
At least we've moved past the first stage:
"Tuck, how do you spell your name?
"T is for Tucker."
"That's right, but remember your whole name? T-U-C-K-…"
"No! Just T for Tucker!"
Progress baby.
 You love being outside.
Always have, always will.
 About 7 months ago I was convinced you'd be a 4 year old in diapers.
But in the middle of the summer, you declared you were ready to be an official potty user & it was done. That's how you roll.
Your way or no way.
At least that's how you think life should go!
 You love animals, cars, trucks, planes & trains.
Balls, swinging, reading books, watching movies.
Your new bike, Thor, Captain America, swords, & guns, Dusty the plane.
And Turbo. The snail.
Oh man are you crazy over snails right now.
 You're still a pretty picky eater.
Cereal still tops your list of faves.
And fruit. However, sometimes you surprise me & get on a kick of liking new things.
Like salad & corn on the cob. Score for me!
And you love smoothies. And corn dogs. And cookies. Or candy…
But still no sandwiches. Or cheese. Or peanut butter. Or lunch meat.
Which makes lunch painful...
 You are a lover.
I get hugs & "I love you mom" from you all the time.
You love to wrestle too.
I just lump those in together. Physical contact.
In a loving way…most of the time.
 I'm so proud of the little boy you have become.
You still prefer your mama over anyone.
But I think you have us all fooled & love dad just as much.
I love watching you with Truett. Hearing you call his name from another room to invite him to come play with you.
I love seeing you & Parker playing like best friends do.
I love they way you barge in to Truett's room every morning to shout good morning to him & entertain him with your antics. I'm usually uninvited until Truett gets mad & wants out.
You may or may not have helped him out of his crib a time or 2.
 I still keep tabs on you throughout the day.
I joke that you can't be trusted.
But, you can't. Between water overflowing from the bathroom sink, several bites taken out of several apples scattered on the counter, opening the front door to a neighbor completely naked, dunking your toys in the dogs slimy water, & climbing the pantry shelves to attain the snack you want, you keep me on my toes.
You've been known to dig through charcoal ashes in the grill, dowse your face with mascara, & empty the milk carton in a too small cup too. Just to name a few…
 Thanks to you, I feel equipped to handle your baby brother though.
Throwing his trains in the potty & emptying the bathtub water to fill the bathroom floor with large puddles is nothing. You 2 are quite the pair.
And I'm so glad God saw to it to put you 2 together.
 I hope 4 is a dream for you.
I hope it's a wonderful chunk in your little life that you can be free to be you.
And grow even more into yourself.
Everyday I'm in awe of what time & the Lord do.
My tiny baby with a big head & big feet has grown in to a little man in the blink of an eye.
 You do still have big feet.
We sure love you.
You're our most favorite Tucker ever.
Keep being awesome you, bud.

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