Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summertime {Swimmy, swimmers}

Happy Fall, y'all! Haha
Still trying to finish up our summertime!
So to brighten your beautiful fall day, I will bring back summer.
Doesn't that sound nice?
As I'm knee deep into homework with my 2nd grader…sigh.
Anyway. This summer our kids all grew a ton in their swimming confidence.
At their own level, of course.
And this day, in my parents' pool, it all came together.
Super fun day.

That began with the pregnant mama getting water dumped on her head,

while wearing the cutest of goggles,

Several times.

Truett has been jumping in all summer, but this day decided he was ready to jump in without being caught, and then proceeding to swim back to the ladder all by himself to climb out & do it again.
Did I mention he's a pretty, darn determined little 2 year old?!

"Yay me do it!"
It's pretty surreal watching your baby swim through a pool with you out on the side & all the other adults standing back, watching.
Crazy, little guy.

This guy decided this was the day to start swimming underwater, instead of doing the cute little kid doggy paddle he'd been sporting most of the summer.
I didn't manage to get a picture of him swimming like that, but got plenty of goofy goggle shots.

My boys.
Always pushing limits.
Sometimes physical, sometimes their mama's.

Poppy is always up to some kind of tricky antic…

And Tuck has gotten pretty good at watching his back when Poppy is around.

Then there's my girl.
She likes to think she's a mermaid.
I just like her.


She was cracking me up, holding her nose.
I guess that big jump off the tanning bar into the pool had her a little worried.

And this.
So sweet.
So weird.
Time. It's pretty incredible.
Feels like just yesterday I was marrying that handsome man on the right.
11 years later, that baby is swimming by his side, as we await the arrival of the 4th added treasure to our marriage.
Sometimes it's seems unreal that God would bless me so.

Now, I'd like to hit the pool.
But tomorrow it's October! Oh well...

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