Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas 2015 {Gingerbread}

Growing up, my mom, my sister & I always made cute little gingerbread cookies.
In a fun, little, wonky way.
The recipe is as simple as it gets, kids can have all hands on deck & the tradition continues with my family.
They're made from a box mix, you roll each little body part out of the dough, no cookie cutters are involved, & plenty of m&ms are used.
Especially when you're 3 years old.
Here's to gingerbread "baking" 2015…thanks mom for being so fun & helping me want to be the same with my kids!

Did I mention they taste awesome?
I can eat my weight's worth in these babies.
Thankfully my kids like them just as much as I do, so they force me to share.
Parker made her little guy perfect. She's very much like her dad (who's was also perfect) & is in to those details.
Tucker was determined to make his, his way. While baking in his undies.
Truett wanted all the m&ms. ALL the m&ms.
Lincoln was just happy to be there. And may or may not have eaten a few tiny m&ms himself.
And as fast as we made those cookies, we ate them.
Such a fun time of year!

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