Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Tooth

Last week Parker was playing on the fireplace. She likes crawling up on it, and sitting against the screen. It's funny, 6 months ago this thing was covered and any time Parker got close to it, we watched her like a hawk, and now here we are letting her crawl all over it! And, yep, turns out we were smarter 6 months ago:).

I was standing right beside her, when she sort of slipped and fell off the fireplace. She ended up with her face facing the bricks, and I never saw her hit anything, but she cried like she was really hurt. So I hugged her, and kissed where she pointed, and consoled her until she calmed down. Thought all was just fine until I saw it...

I know, its blurry, but its there. Her left front tooth...chipped. My beautiful baby, flawed by life forever....or at least until she loses that tooth:). It's small, but there. Oh well. She's still beautiful, and I'll never think she's flawed. hehe

Crawling back up to try again. Ugh...

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The Johnson's said...

Awe, poor thing! Did you cry?? That’s always been a fear of mine with Slade. It happened to both Alex and Crystal when they were little. My mom cried:). And that’s about right though back to try again … nothing stops these kids! Ha!