Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Balemtime's Day

Lovin' is so fun:).
Especially on Valentine's Day.

We had a fun morning.
Parker's been waiting for this day.
Is it Balemtime's Day, yet?

She was a happy lady this morning.

And he's too cute to resist.
He was so ready for a nap right here.
I missed the smiles, & all I could get out of him was this.
That's okay. Still a sweetie.

And for a good laugh...
A conversation with my 2 year old tonight:
Me: "Parker, why didn't you tell me you had to poop on the potty?"

Parker: "Uuuummm....because.....I believe in JESUS!"

Well...I'm glad for that:). But I would also be glad for poop in the POTTY.


The Johnson's said...

Wow! Girl, you are so creative and crafty! You have got to give me some lessons! Ha! Glad you guys had a great V-Day and the end part cracked me up ... kids are so funny! :)

Paula's Life said...

loved the vday presents!! did you make the shirts?? your such a great mom!!

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

That is so funny!! What a sweet, innocent spirit she has!!