Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowy Days

Just like the rest of Northeast Texas...
The Mershawn household woke up last Thursday morning to lots & lots of SNOW.
Mitchel got up with a certain giddy-ness that always let's me know something's up, then quickly came back with that little boy grin on his face....
"It's snowing."
Me (half asleep- after all I had been up only an hour before nursing)- "I know. The weatherman said it would be."
Him- "But, it's really snowing. Just thought you might want to know."
Thanks :).
He's so cute.

He went on to work.
Miss P got up & she and I bundled up & played outside until I could no longer take it. (about 30 minutes...hey, give me a break, this is NOT Texas weather)

Daddy came home early & the 2 of them went back out for more fun.
I played for a few minutes, then used baby Tuck as an excuse to go in:). 
(my mom's laughing right now...so me.)
I'm such a weinie.
It was SO pretty though, so I did have fun. Just cold fun.

Tucker spent his day inside.
Poor guy. I never even considered taking him out in it.
He's been battling a cold for almost 2 weeks now (grr), he has no bundle me up clothes, & I could hear my Nana....don't you think it's too cold out there for a baby?
He did get to stare at it through the window though.
He watched and watched as those huge flakes fell.

Cheeseburgers for dinner.
Made me happy.

Hot "shl-o-o-o-o-kit," monkey jammies, & Pinkalicious by the fire. :)

Day 2 & they were back at it.
Mitchel took Parker on a "walk" that landed them in the middle of a field.
I gently reminded him before they left that she was only 2 & not a grown man & that it was COLD.
They were gone an hour & 10 minutes.
So much for the reminder.

They built a giant snowman.
Dug & dug in the snow.
She told him she was cold.
He said, okay, let's take some pictures.
She did it.
She said her toes were cold.
He remembered my advice & headed home.
She did not freeze to death & he was sweating.
Crazy guy.

She had a blast.
Came home & drank more hot "shl-o-o-o-o-kit" (my new favorite word to hear her say).
And talked about the snow all day.
I love the change it brought.
The excitement.
And the reminder of the Lord's presence.


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

These are great pics and memories! You will cherish them for a lifetime! Very sweet and cute. Poor little Tucker - hope this week finds him better. Love to my favorite little Mershawn's!

The Lowry Place said...

Awww I wish Kaylen could've grasped the now like Parker. She wanted nothing to do with it, so hoping when she is older she will be like Parker and want to play in it. I just sat her down and she cried but wouldn't move. hahaha.

Glad you had tons of fun or at least Parker did. You and Tuck got to stay inside where it was nice and cozy.