Sunday, April 11, 2010

Butterfinger cake anyone?

Thought so...

I was making this cake for my sister in law, Christy's, birthday.
Its super easy, and many of you may already have a recipe like this.
But just in case not, I thought it might fun to share it...
because, its like, make you famous yummy:).
That stuff...up there...that's what you need.
A chocolate cake mix, I usually use devil's food (or you could make this one from scratch), a can of eagle brand, a jar of hot fudge, a regular container of cool whip, & butterfingers.
I usually buy the package of small one's with 10 in the package.

Mix up the cake following the box directions.
(okay, so that means you need water, oil & eggs too)
And, if you grab a cute little girl to help out, it makes it even more exciting...

Pour your cake batter into your 9x13 pan of choice.
And bake it.
Easy, right?

Now comes the fun part.
Let the cake rest for about 10 minutes, then poke holes all over it.
If you're like me, do it while watching an old Extreme Makeover Home Edition, so that you're crying so much that you can't even see what you're doing...
Then pour the whole can of eagle brand evenly over it (or as you can see, walmart generic works too).


Next, the hot fudge.
By now, I had wiped my eyes, told myself to get it together, & ignored Extreme Makeover, so my cake wouldn't get weirded out by the crazy baking lady.

Dump that whole jar on your cake & spread away.
Then that nonfat & low calorie cake (if you speak it, its true, right?)
 needs to chill out a while in the fridge.
At least an hour, or up to over night.
That's how we've always done it anyway.

Cool Whip.
You guessed it...the whole thing.

Makes it look like heaven.

Then find a cool whip crazy man to come & lick your spoon...

Then you need to crunch up those butterfingers in a bag.
I use 9 of the 10 in the package.
The 10th is for me...er, my family & I to share.
2 year olds can sniff candy from a mile away...

Put those babies all over the top of your cake & make yourself happy.
And that's it!

Oh! But if its for a birthday party don't forget your candles, and....

don't expect to come home with much.
But enjoy the fact that your family thinks you're AWESOME.
Happy eating!


The Johnson's said...

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to make it ... looks so yummy! :)

Hill-O'Shields said...

Looks yummo! Thanks :)