Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter this year had some special meaning.
She was really interested in what Easter was all about.

I made her dress this year:).
It was really fun & SOOO easy.
And...she really liked it.

No, I did not make his outfit.
But boy was he C-UTE.
Just so darn sweet.

So in an effort to make Easter more meaningful & easier to understand for an almost 3 year old, I had plans of looking for ideas on the internet.
Before I even looked I found this.
So cool.
So we did it. That day.
First we made a salt dough hill.

We mixed with our hands.
Shaped it & poked holes.
Most importantly, we made a hole for the cross.
We baked it & waited till the next day to paint.

That was fun.
Except that the paint was old & smelled weird.
Kind of grossed me out...
But, it served it's purpose.

On Good Friday we read our Easter books & from her Bible.
Then we talked about the story as we put Jesus on the cross on our hill.
Then we put him in the tomb, covered him with a stone, "sealed" it shut, & put guards at the entrance.
Then we checked to see if he was still there later that day, & on Saturday.
Sunday morning, when she woke up, the stone was rolled to the side, & Jesus was standing there waiting for her.


We also made the Easter Rolls from the same blog.
Fun, easy, & yummy.
You just wrap up a big marshmallow in a crescent roll or yeast roll, then put melted butter & cinnamon & sugar on top.
Oh yeah...yummy.

They smelled exciting.

When you take them out, the marshmallows are gone & the roll is EMPTY:).
Yep, she got it...
Happy Easter!


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Awesome Amber! Way to teach her from a very young age. Deuteronomy 6. Love and hugs, Aunt Sha

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

You are so creative. Such a great mom!!

Jasly Jane said...

Love the dress! As I was reading this, I thought this looks familiar. Who knew we were reading the same blog? I love ashleyann's blog. She's got great ideas. Your kiddos are precious!

Tina Certain said...

O-kay, now I need a tissue! I have never seen this one before! That will stick with her for life!