Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sister & Brothers

I grew up with one sister.
Lots of pink, ponytails, fingernail painting, hairspray, & fluff.

No boys.
Except for my 5 boy cousins.
They came to visit, it was fun, but once they left, the wrestling was turned off the tv & the testerone level dropped by the gallon full.

Fast forward quite a few years.
And, my house is a different site.
I always loved the thought of having brothers when I was younger, but really was perfectly content with my one sister.
She was a spit fire. Really was all the brother I needed I suppose.

But, when we started having kids, I was ready for boys.
My husband is one of 3.
I knew it would be my future. And I was excited.
Then. Parker came.
And having a girl was, amazing.
Pink, sweet, happiness.

Then it happened.
2 1/2 years later. Boy #1.
Having a boy. Equally amazing.
Blue, sweet happiness.

Now that we have 2 baby boys in our busy little house, I have to say, I'm thrilled for my girl to be a big sister to this rowdy crew.
I have no idea what our future will look like.

But I know it will be loud, a little wild, & really cute.
Because this girl & these boys are pretty much the cutest things I've ever seen.

And, she'll be the one in charge.
For sure.
At least in her eyes.

And he'll be the one making sure she doesn't have it too easy.

And together, I'm a little afraid what they'll teach that baby brother, who's full of sweetness, & who's mom would like to keep him that way.

Our life is pretty awesome.
With our sister & brothers.

The posing, trickster, happy bunch of them.
Now, I should go see that they're not up to something...
never a dull moment.

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Jalissa said...

Cute! They are having so much fun.