Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 3 months}

Well. Another baby. Growing up on me.
Sheesh. These kids...

I love this guy.
I'm totally obsessed.
Truett, you're our baby rock star.

You're a rolly, smiley, drooly, cuddly sweetheart.

You're still long.
And your thighs & ankles are chubb-ilicious.
For real. People want to eat 'em.

You're so friendly.
You smile at any one who talks to you.
Which makes everyone feel so special.

You started giggling this month.
You even laugh in your sleep sometimes.
Dad & I think you will be our funniest or happiest kid.
Or maybe both.

You're still waking up once a night.
But, I really don't mind. At. All.
Sweet 3rd baby...

You love to talk.
And you make the cutest faces when you do.
Your sister loves to sing you made up songs.
Which you smile at.
Your brother thinks you are hilarious.
Which you smile at.
Your daddy likes to talk to you in silly voices.
Which you smile at.
Your mama likes to squish you & get in your face.
Which you smile at.
I'll love you forever.

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Sherrie Kulwicki said...

That made me cry. :D Nothing like that third baby....nothing. But then again....maybe that's because you just KNOW how fast they grow up. And you're smarter. And more relaxed. Whatever.....we sure love you baby Tru-ey.