Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 4 months}

Well. Here I am. I know. He's almost 5 months.
Let's just say, our internet has been quite irritating over the last month.
That is all. Let's move on to a much cuter subject than aggravating internet service...

Truey Bear.

 Little mister, you are a busy little growing man.
This month has been full of first's for you.
Sitting unassisted (for about 5 seconds), learning to put yourself to sleep (or to talk to yourself in your bed), saying "dadadada...",

 rolling from your belly to your back (you're now able to roll multiple times in a row, which means I've found you in a couple of funny places already), & you love your hands.

 We can't get enough of your gummy grins, your sweet giggles, & your giddy joy.
You learned how to kick your feet really hard in your bouncy seat, which has resulted in a couple of near dangerous falls & panicky moments for your slightly (ahem) forgetful mama.
It is now etched in my memory to LOCK you in those seats. Yikes.

You are such a breath of fresh air to our family.
Your smile lights up a room & your shrieks of delight can change a 2 year old's mood like the snap of a finger. Your whole family thinks you're plain, old awesome.
Also. I'm quickly becoming your favorite.
That could be a problem. Baby baby.
When I sing to you, you smile so big, I think your face might break.
You also try to kiss my face, all the time. Or at least that's what I call it when you're planting your entire mouth on parts of my face.
I have never looked so good wrapped around someone's tiny finger;).
Dad's definitely a favorite too. And, much to their delight, so are Miss P & Tuck.
We'll love you forever.
Happy 4 (almost 5) months!

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