Monday, November 26, 2012

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 5 & 6 months}

My baby is now 6 months.
How does this happen so fast?
Ugh. Excuse me while I go squish him, before he's 16...

Truey bear...you are uncontainable joy in a tiny package.

At 5 months, you love moving your hands around & around, like revving a motorcycle.
While your hands wiggle, your right foot kicks like crazy.
You smile at any and everyone who talks to you.
Which makes them want to keep on & on. Like your sister & brother, who, once they know you'll smile at something they do, NEVER stop. They love you & it is sweet.
You've also started grabbing for things you want within reach.

You still say da-da all the time, but now you love to screech it too.
You also make lots of other sounds, & it's so fun to hear.
Your rolling has not stopped & at 5 months you are still waking up once a night to eat.
You're also wearing 6-12 month clothes & are in a size 3 diaper.
The size your sister wore at a year.
Whatever. ;)
And...you're starting to prefer your mom.
Melt my heart.

 Now. 6 months, my man, has changed you.
You are now sleeping 9 hours at night, just all of a sudden dropping your middle of the night feeding.
*Babywise rocks*
That also means, you've officially moved into your room; nap & night.
I'm still not crazy about that.

 You've started sitting more independently, love to dive forward for a toy, & can roll your way to something you want.
You've started eating oatmeal cereal...slowly.
Partly because you're not crazy about it, partly because I'm being lazy.
Sorry bud...I'll work on that;).

 You are a smiling machine.
Gummy grins fill our days & we all love it.
You had your first fever this month (sad), your first Thanksgiving (oh my, you were loved on), & have invented a new favorite past time: putting your fist in your mouth & moving it back & forth while you yell. Makes an awesome sound.
Impressive my son... & it totally thrills your sister & brother.

 Your hair is filling in a lot more now.
I like to spike it in front, but your spike is getting too long now.
We've embraced the combed over look, which, is, I must say, totally adorable on your sweet head.
You've also started a new wiggle dance.
You do it while we hold you, while you sit in a seat & when you're rolling around on the floor.
I can't decide if it's a dance or if you're trying to move.
I'm going with dancing.
Cuz it's awesome if it's dancing:).
You are an amazing baby, my Truett.
Completely grateful you're ours.
Happy 1/2 a year!

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