Sunday, July 14, 2013

Their generation...

has a lot of distractions.

 And they're good at it.

 And pretty cute while they're at it.

But, I don't want my kids growing up with their faces always stuck in some screen.

I want them seeing. And doing. And just being.

 Content to sit still. 
Knowing how to listen for the Lord.

They sure learn real fast the ways of this world.
But it's my job & privilege to teach them the ways out of this world.
A few weeks back I heard someone speak about how Christians should stand out for not being "normal".
I want that for our family.
For our kids.
To stand out because they're standing up.
Because they've seen & heard & know what all God can do.
He also said being dangerous for God's Kingdom is the safest place to be.
I want our lives to be in the safest place.

I want abundant, dangerous, Kingdom living lives for them.
And it's our job to show them how.
Being a parent is awesome & hard.
Best thing ever.

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