Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cereal, I should buy stock in you

He wants cereal every morning.
And mid morning.
And afternoon.
And for dinner.
And, if he had his choice, he would also buy about 20 different kinds to choose from.
And, if I ever decide to eat cereal for breakfast, this is our conversation:

Tucker: Mom, I -ant to eat see-yall from yo bowl.

Me: What's wrong with your bowl?

Tucker: {Glazed stare}
Me: Ok. Sure, have my bowl.

He has super powers, that one.

*If only those super powers could be channeled to clean up his super messes.
He does not prefer to take on that from his mama...

1 comment:

Tina Certain said...

haha! I can hear him now. Just love his sweet face and his hands in these pictures. Good job Ambie! :o)