Wednesday, May 29, 2013

She's the first

And now she's 6.
6 years we've had this girl & the Lord has taught us so much through her.
Especially about love. Love that girl more than words could ever say.
What a 6 years it's been...what a gift your life is to us.
Here you are at 6 Miss P:

 Parker, you just had a birthday! Another big one.
They all feel big with you.
I think it's always surprising to see how fast your years go.
This year has been such a big one & such a great one for you.
Last year, right before you turned 5, you welcomed another brother into your life.
And what a sister you've been to that boy. You love him deeply.
I love that. You do ask regularly for a sister, but you sure love those boys.
I remind you all the time what a special thing it is to be the only girl.
That makes you smile.

 You have another year of gymnastics under your belt, & you have perfected your cartwheel.
You impress people with your skills all the time. Nice.
Your Mimi has also taught you to hula hoop. You are amazing with that thing!
Your current favorite thing is to hula hoop while you sing at the top of your lungs.
Especially if you have EVERYONE'S attention. That's always best.

 You started Kindergarten last fall & had such a wonderful teacher & class.
It has been such a gift to watch you grow this past year in school.
You are one smart lady.
You're reading, know addition facts up to adding 10's, know subtraction facts, can count way high, can skip count by 2's, 5's, & 10's, including even & odd numbers.
You amaze me at what you pick up & how fast you learn. It is a gift.

 Your best friend moved away this past year & it's been hard to watch you miss her, but it has stretched you & taught you that God is faithful to take care of you with new friends & good times back with old one's.
It is such a treasure to walk with you through bigger things.
I'm so thankful that God leads us & helps us teach you wisdom & love.

 On October 9, 2012, you asked Jesus into your heart.
The single greatest experience in my life this far.
My daughter loves Jesus & He lives in her.
We've had lots of talks about it since & we're working on learning what the Bible says about believers.
And why it's important to tell others all about Him.
I love that.

 And girl, you've got sass.
And attitude.
And a great laugh.
And a beautiful smile.
And you are graceful, loving, & so much fun.
You love to talk, sing, dance, show off, & sparkle.

And you are an awesome sister.
I love to see you with your brothers.
You lead them with grace & sweetness & bossiness & frustration.
They are so good for you & you are so good for them.
You love art, crafts, movies, nail polish, your blanket, paper & markers, books, playing outside (as long as there are no weird bugs), candy, orange juice, ice cream, pancakes & being with your family.
You have your own opinions about many things, but are also so quick to try to please.
There are days when your attitude exhausts me, but we always end the day with snuggles & right hearts.
You are the one who made me a mama.
This journey we're on is something pretty amazing.
And I'm so thankful God chose me to be your mama.
Happy Birthday to our favorite girl!!!
Love you Sweet P...


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Parker, Uncle Billy and Aunt Sha love you so much. It is so precious to us to watch you treat Sutton with such tenderness and we know she has a good example to lead her through the years ahead. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! We look forward to sharing many years ahead as you grow up. We love you!!

PS Thanks for sharing your hula hoop with me!!

Tina Certain said...

Parker P...has it really been 6 years? I look at pictures of the past years and it seems just like yesterday you were blessing our lives with your presence and now...6 years later you are still such a blessing. You bring laughter and joy and drama to our lives and I'm one blessed Grammy for being able to experience life with and around you. Continue to love Jesus and seek Him always...He is your forever friend. Much love and a great big hug! Grammy