Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 11 months}

Little Bear!! You're 11 months old.
I want to bottle you up & keep you in my pocket this way always.
But instead, I'll just keep enjoying getting to know you & loving every ounce of you I can.
At 11 months, you are all over the place!
You crawl at lightning speed, most often with your mouth open, yelling or laughing.
And your newest thing is closing your eyes & shaking your head while crawling like a wild man.
Oh, you make us laugh!
You are so ticklish. It always brings giggles.
You love to be outside. Eating dirt. Or rocks. Or whatever else you can find that is small, or gross.

 You are known as the always happy baby.
And, it's true. You are easy going & happy to just be.
You give the best hugs.
You won't say mama. And you think it's pretty funny.
You have learned the art of screeching when you want something, which is lovely.
But we're practicing please. Which you also think is funny.
You love anything that the big kids have or are doing or eating.
3rd baby.
Parker loves to give you goodnight hugs, which make you giggle.
And Tucker has become your new role model.
Not sure how that's gonna work out for me:/...

You are SO close to walking.
You are getting braver each day.
Standing all by yourself & taking one or two steps before you flash a big grin & sit down.
Silly boy.
You love, love bath time.
It is your favorite.
You already try to wrestle like your dad & brother.
You love to eat smoothies, Gerber organic fruit & veggie packets, & anything from my plate.
You've started slowing down in growth, thank goodness! Little long boy.
I love to watch you clap your hands when you hear anyone else clapping, shout for joy, call for your brother or sister, tell the dog no, dance like crazy, wave bye to your favorite people, crawl like a mad man to your daddy when he comes home from work, & smile so big when our gazes meet.
I think I'm still your favorite, but your daddy is most certainly holding his own with you!
Stiff competition, I tell ya.
You have brought more joy than I can describe to your Dad & I this past 11 months & we think you rock!
And you keep your brother & sister amazed with your antics. You bring a lot of laughter to our house little bear baby...a few more days & you'll be a birthday boy.
After that, let's pause time. At least for a few years??

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