Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 10 months}

10  months.
Truett, at 10 months, you've officially roped us in & tied us around your finger.
And you are BUSY.
A blur of constant motion.
Until you need a cuddle. Or food. Or a nap...

 And you were not very cooperative for your little photo shoot.
Memories baby.
At 10 months you have 2 teeth that are all the way in on the bottom.
They actually started growing in last month, but I forgot to document that...
You love to be read to. Some of your favorites were your brother & sister's favorites too.
Sandra Boynton knows what's up with babies.
You jabber a lot. Saying dadada, bababa, a-di, no, no, no, uh oh, & lots of other silly noises that make us smile.
Your skin is actually looking olive-y. 
The rest of us are not.
You're proving your genetics come from Grammy's family too.

You're pulling up on any stationary or temporarily stationary thing you can get your hands on.
A chair, the coffee table, my legs, your brother's head...thankfully he thinks you're hilarious.
The feeling is mutual. You guys are getting to be good buddies.
Your sister loves to mother you & make you smile.
You love that girl.
You've stopped eating rice cereal & have moved on to oatmeal & anything real I'll let you have.
You love to listen to Gateway worship or Chris Tomlin in the car or at home.
You are my sunshine & the itsy bitsy spider are favorites too.
You had your first stomach virus this month. Sad.
Thankfully it was short lived.
I love you more everyday & are more than grateful I get to call you mine.
You're my favorite Truett ever.

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