Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 9 months}

Truett will be a year next week.
So grateful for this little guy.
Here's to catching up!

 Truett, at 9 months you are a busy, happy little guy.
You are crawling, pulling up, & starting to grasp play.
You love to follow me from room to room, & I laugh at myself a lot, calling you from room to room like a puppy.
But you come, & you laugh, & you smile, so I just keep on.

 At 9  months, you have your first official tooth & got your first official ear infection.
Also. You do not like taking any sort of medication.
It is quite the fight.
And we both end up sticky.

 Your brother & sister think you are amazing.
When you started pulling up, you sent them over the top.
You are amazing. We all agree with that.

At 9 months, you're wearing size 3 diapers.
You love green beans & fruit.
You love to drink water from your cup & you are my best baby at it.
You think you are big stuff when you get something off my plate.
You're sleeping 10- 12 hours every night & take 2 great naps with a 3rd that you just really don't like.
And biggest news of all. You are talking already.
You say "no, no, no" to the dog & uh-oh.
You love to wave hi & bye & can even sign all done.
And your mama can't believe it.
You are one awesome dude, Truey Bear.
Happy 9 months!

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