Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter 2013

Well. These pictures have been waiting to be posted for too long!
Happy Easter a month later;)! 
We had a wonderful Easter weekend starting at my mom & dad's with them & my aunt & uncle.
My kids were the only little ones there, & that suited them just fine.
Easter egg hunts at Grammy & Poppy's make me want to be a kid again!
They sure know how to spoil their grandkids...


Oh, those kids.

Also. Look who is turning into a big kid before my eyes.
Too fast, Tuck, too fast.

Truett got in on the fun this year.
He, of course, was more interested in eating dirt and grass than looking in his eggs.
His sister did not understand.

 Easter Sunday, we're at Mitchel's parents.
We are a very blessed family to have both our families so close.
And our kids greatly enjoy those benefits...if you know what I mean;).

Girlfriend proudly wearing the dress she picked all by herself this year.
After my mom took her all over creation looking, she came away with the first one they looked at.
That was plain. And white.
3 guesses as to why this little lady chose a plain, white dress.
We may be in trouble...

That baby. Melt my heart.
 Trouble, I tell ya.

Always the life of the party.
Even if there is none.

He was telling us the Easter story.
In his cute, distracted, animated way.
On our way to hunt more eggs that is...

Yes. That is my husband.
The one who is 31. The same one who once broke his leg jumping out of a tree.
And I now wear the worry of 2 of his sons.

We spent Easter with good friends that we miss so much.
Coop. In his shades.
When I think of Cooper in my mind, he is wearing sunglasses.
I love that.


Cousins were there too.
But only one little guy.

Talk about growing fast.
This girl. Beauty.

My Parker may not have an actual sister, but she is sure blessed with a sweet sister friend.

These guys.

Broken arm.
Doesn't hinder egg hunting.

Sweet buddies.

Proof he lived. Haaa...

Mimi. She loves her grandkids good.
The feeling is mutual.
Easter is one of my favorite times of year.
Bringing family together to celebrate the only reason we have joy, peace, life, & love.
We had a wonderful season celebrating the gift Jesus gave us all.
And ended it in a way that could not be topped.

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The Lowry Kitchen said...

Awesome pictures even a month later. And MITCHEL no more jumping off stuff!