Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Family rocks {Beavers Bend 2013}

So, we were in Beavers Bend for 4 days last week.
4 sweet, wonderful, adventure-filled, relaxing days to be precise.
We could've stayed another 2 weeks.
We booked a 2 bedroom, 1 loft cabin the week before & drove out Monday morning.
Here is our first official day through the lens of our big camera.
It was so beautiful, that many pictures were snapped.
Also, be thankful that I'm still pretty green at this photography business & many of the photos were too blurry (I need practice on my focusing! It's tricky…), because there may or may not have been SEVERAL more photos:).

 Someone snuck away from breakfast on the patio to go to "work" in the house.
Too bad he can't be trusted & had to come back outside…

 He's blurry, but sweet.

 There was a museum inside the park's office/information center.
We learned a lot about the history of foresting.

 Carved out of an old cedar tree…they were wayyyy impressed.
I was too.

 The best kind of love.
Sweet friends, fierce rivals.

 My unofficial hiking buddy.
We spent many a trail just like this.
It was some really sweet time with that baby of mine.
Who thinks he's way too big…


 She was so proud to climb so high.
Also, girlfriend can strike a pose like no other.

 Sticks, rocks & acorns were constant surprises & companions.

 There are no words to describe how I feel about that picture.
I mean…

 Lunch break.
Then time for fishing…

There were no worms harmed in the making of fishing time.
They found one.
Then the mom leaned over to pick up the baby & her hair caught the worm & he escaped.
Good for the worm. Bad for the mom.
I digress…

 There was a dad around…promise.
A brief pause to blow a kiss to his favorite mama.

 And because his mom was exhausted from chasing him he got bored by the river, we spent more time, just the 2 of us, out of drowning's way.
And if you're alone with your mom in fantastic lighting & she's learning how to shoot in manual, you get your picture taken 1,000 times. Good thing he didn't take time to notice…

 Have I mentioned Beavers Bend is a totally amazing place?
Something cool around every corner.
Surrounded by beauty.

Happy fishing boy. 
This ended fishing for the day.
Much to the confusion of my dear son, who asked the rest of the day, "We catched fish today, daddy?!"
Um, no. You WENT fishing, but caught nothing.
"Uh-huh. We catched fish today."

 Man, I love those people.

 Yes. This was amazing.
And so peaceful.
I could've sat by that river all day.
But there were 3 children who have ants in their pants, so we moved on.

 But not before one more awesome pose.

 He could've climbed all day.

While this girl posed away.
She cracks me up.
Beautiful time in a beautiful place.
More to come…thanks for hanging til the end!

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