Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

We made our annual trip to the Rockwall Pumpkin Patch back at the beginning of October.
And while we love going to spend way too much on buy cool pumpkins, the truth is we really go to get fun pictures of our kids in the first of fall's awesome colors.
This year was no different.
Here's a look at our super cool kids in their fall splendor…

 The weather that day was not exactly feeling fall.
It was like 85-90 degrees & a little muggy.
But we had fun anyway.
Also notice I got a lovely picture of the port-a-potty. And the hay covered in blue tarps.
I'm all about the details;).

 Truett thought the pumpkins were AWE-SOME.
And we thought watching him freak out over those pumpkins was just as awesome.
Completely adorable…

 This sweet boy.
Could not wait to take a pumpkin home.
And his patience grew thinner & thinner as I snapped away.

 But he's so darn cute.
I couldn't help it.

 An attempt at sibling photos…
Notice Tuck is nowhere to be found.

 This girl is always up for a pose & a picture.
Thank goodness we have a sweet little lady to oblige the camera happy parents.

 A favorite.
For sure.

 Happiness & bliss.
Unless you picked him up.
Or tried to save him from danger.
Or took away a pumpkin he was trying to throw...

 One of the sweetest guys I know.

 And strongest.

Who really weren't feeling the cooperation…

 All 3 of them.
It was worth a shot;)…

She is showing off her stamped hands.
I promise…

And that's what we got.
A super fun 45 minutes, sweating, chasing, referee-ing, capturing moments, picking out cool pumpkins, & being together.
Happy Fall:).

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