Saturday, June 28, 2014

24 Weeks & counting {a sweet little surprise}

So, I've been MIA for a while now.
Not that anyone besides my mom notices;).
We've been keeping a little secret too.
It all started on a fateful day back in February.
With a pickle.
Then came 4 pregnancy tests.
And a little denial.
Then the doctor visit & blood work & sonogram.
Then, extreme nausea.
And now I find myself in June, 6 months pregnant with my 4th (you counted right) baby.
And it's pretty sweet.

I hit 6 months on Friday.
I had all these visions of how I wanted to put it out in cyber space that another little Mershawn baby was on the way. But life. Got in the way.
So what better way to say there's a baby on the way, than to flash our sweet babe's face across this space?
6 months in, I am feeling way better, praise the Lord!
I'm struggling with not eating too much & not being overly lazy. That's nice.
I feel large. Especially when I realize I have 4 months to go.
But. There is a small life growing inside me.
And there's a lot of movement going on; a constant reminder that new life is incredible.
There are 3 little people here that are over the moon about the idea of a baby coming to our house.
I'm loving the idea of our family growing to an out of the ordinary size.
I'm so glad our sweet little Truett gets to be a big brother, even though he affectionately refers to himself as, "the baby." I really love that guy.
I'm excited to see Parker embrace the big sister role once again, & can't wait to see what memories stay with her for a lifetime.
Tucker is convinced, actually not even slightly concerned otherwise, that this baby will be a boy. He will sleep in the boys' room, all together & he will share his toys.
My kids. They're awesome.
And my man. I'm so blessed to walk this journey with him. We're thrilled at the chance to welcome home another tiny Mershawn.

October will be a good month around here.
Until then, you'll find me practicing self control. Or not.
Praying I don't continue to gain weight at the current rate I am.
Probably stressing over summer church activities.
Hanging at the pool, having some summer fun with my kids.
And anxiously awaiting the day I meet this sweet baby face to face.


Tina Certain said...

I love it...and can't wait for the new little baby "girl" to get here. Sorry Tuck! :o) We need some more girl power. I love the new look on the page.

Kelly Denae said...

Precious! Congrats!