Monday, July 7, 2014

A choo-choo kind of day {Truett's 2nd birthday}

So, we've had some special days since we last talked.
Birthdays in this house are celebrated.
Big time.
We really like birthdays around here.
I have declared this the year of no big parties & we're trying our hand at having just a family party for our kids.
It's been really fun! And so nice.
Especially for our little guy. He loved being the center of attention. And thrived without all the chaos a party can bring;).
Anyway. Here's a look at our sweet boy's 2nd birthday.
We really love our choo-choo lovin' guy…

He was beyond excited about his cake & presents.
Could hardly contain his little toddler self.
Grammy was reminding him to get himself under control. Ha!

Found a really fun way to make ruffled crepe paper streamers.
And to impress people greatly.
Seriously easy & way too fun.
Even appropriate for a train loving, boy party.

See? He really couldn't understand what was taking us so long.
His daddy pulled the lid off to sweetly "show" him his cake up close.
The "2" was quickly pulled down & smooshed in icing.
The boy is quick.

Root beer anyone?

The happy moment…
such a sweet heart.

Who did not appreciate being sung loudly to.

Such a funny kid.

And then came presents.

A train,
(from his brother)

a "yee-haw" & a cow,
(from his sister)

a lightning mcqueen suitcase, filled with…

a Thomas pillow!
*Thanks Grammy & Poppy*
A fast driving Percy train,

and a Thomas blankie.
*Thanks Mimi & Papa*

And our card.
To go with his new "bike."
It was a special day, topped off with a sweet little party for a really sweet little guy.
This kid has us all wrapped around his smart little fingers.
And he has the best smile.
Our May 4th was never so special, until you came, Truett Wayne!

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Tina Certain said...

Little Truey bear you are such a joy! You keep us all laughing and on our toes. So glad we could be a part of your special day! Happy Birthday again little boy!

Grammy and Poppy