Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An overnight birthday {Parker turns 7!}

We're revisiting May again.
This time for our baby girl's 7th birthday.
The no big birthday party trend continued with Miss P.
And boy, did we have some fun plans for her.

We visit my Nana every Tuesday night.
My kids love "Nana nights."
And she & my aunts treat them right.
I had to share this sweet picture I caught of her response to them singing Happy Birthday to her with her bright pink cupcake & pink candle.
That was a really good way to kick off her birthday:).

After her last day of school, we loaded her & the boys up for a surprise overnight hotel stay for the birthday lady.
To say they were excited would be the understatement of the year.
The hotel came complete with an indoor pool.
Thank goodness we were the only ones excited about that place, because we may have been a teeny bit loud & messy!
We drew lots of looks from the other side of the window.
But we had fun!

The next morning, Mitchel took the kids to pick up birthday donuts, while I stayed behind & decorated the hotel.
They came back, got sugared up & we opened presents.
She wanted a mermaid birthday.
I didn't get to follow through on all my plans, but she didn't care one bit.

And, it felt pretty special & festive in that little room.

The boys were there…

She got a cd player (that has since been broken & replaced with a pink karaoke machine) & 2 new cds.
To say our daughter loves to sing & entertain would also be the understatement of the year.

That little bed head guy was there too:).

And he was very helpful.
As usual.

This big box contained lots of frilly dresses.
Because this girl enjoys being festive & frilly.

Then the real party started.

"The snow blows white on the mountain tonight…"

"Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore…"

"I don't care what they're going to say…"

"The cold never bothered me anyway."
Win for the parents.

 Our girl.
She's a beauty, in & out.

 We really, really like her.

To end the day, we met up with family & dear, dear friends, who we ate with & had cake with.
My cake fell apart in all the travel, but the awesome sparkler candle I scored made up for it.
It was a really great birthday.
We were told that many times.
And any time we get to just be together, is great for sure.
Parker, you are the one who made me a mama.
I am so proud to be your mom.
And we are so proud of the beautiful girl you are growing in to.
Just feel free to slow down…
Happy birthday Sweet P!!

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Tina Certain said...

What sweet pictures and a wonderful birthday party for sure. We love you Miss P and hold you dear in our hearts and pray many blessings throughout your life. Big hugs! Grammy and Poppy