Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summertime {Father's Day}

So, summer came & went. Just that fast.
We were blessed to do so many great things this summer, but it meant I continued to neglect this place.
So now my plan is to catch up on all things summer before the baby comes!
Which is in a little over 7 weeks. Excuse me while I go nest something…

Father's Day 2014.
It was a good day.
My man is an awesome dad. Our kids think know he can & will do anything for them & us.
He's strong, he's purposeful, he's wise, he's handy, he's caring & loving, he loves Jesus so much & our kids know that, & he's just plain fun.
He brings light & laughter to this family.
And I am so grateful to call him my greatest friend & to watch him be the daddy to our kids.
He's just my favorite, ever.

Here's how his day went down.
Pretty much the same thing every year, just with a different gift from year to year.

 The day starts with him getting up at the crack of dawn, me trying to follow quickly after & doing something special for him for breakfast. This year the kids & I rolled into Chiloso before 9 am on that Sunday morning. We hand delivered some breakfast tacos to our favorite guy, much to his surprise & delight.
Then we head to his family's house after church, for lunch & to celebrate all those dads on that side of the family.
We then, finally head home to end the day celebrating just him.
And this year he walked into a new grill. 
And a steak dinner.

 And a card, with the faces of his 3 favorite little people.

 And a trophy.
Parker has wanted to buy him that trophy since she saw them at Target last Father's Day.
Don't know why we didn't make it happen last year, but it happened this year.
And we were then graced with a lovely acceptance speech.

I think he felt pretty special that day.
But hopefully, he feels special almost everyday of his life.
Because we know he is.
And we're so thankful the Lord gave him to us!

And that's a Father's Day wrap.

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Tina Certain said...

Those trophy pics made me laugh...I can see his mind churning! Haha. He is an awesome man and you all are very blessed to have him!