Friday, October 17, 2014

We're having a baby

Did you know that today is the day our baby is due?

 This little guy or gal is taking their sweet time making their appearance in the Mershawn home.
As usual.
All of my babies hang in til the bitter end.
They're just really sweet that way.

 And even though I'm pretty uncomfortable this go round, I'm trying to soak in every last moment with this sweet babe tucked away safely inside.
Although, I'd welcome my water breaking.
Or contractions.
Or just one contraction?
Until then, patience is my name. And waiting is my game.

I have a feeling it will be very, very worth it.
Little one, you probably have a tad of an idea of the crazy you're about to be welcomed into.
You hear it all day, everyday.
I joke with your dad, that you're most active at night, because you know you're getting all of the attention since everyone else is finally quiet & asleep.
It's your time to shine.
But, you do have a big sister who can't wait to see who you are.
And a big brother who is just so excited about a baby coming to his house, that he tells you everyday to come on out. Any time I leave the house without him & come back home, asks, "is the baby out yet?!"
And a sweet big, little brother, who really has no clue what's going on & still lovingly refers to himself as the baby. But I have no doubt, he'll love you.
And there's a mom & a dad who are living day to day, waiting to see what you'll decide to do.
Keeping us waiting is kind of fun. We'd love to meet you any day.
Soon is good, though.
Soon is really good.
I think my bladder will be oh, so grateful.
And my ribs.
And my back.
And…well, you get the idea.
I think 4th babies are probably pretty easy going, good sleepers, & just happy to be a part.
I'm right, right??
Until we meet face to face, we love you our little 4th baby.
And now I'm out. Back to the waiting...


LisaFrith said...

Amber, I didn't realize you were blogging, but I love it! My, how your family has grown through the years! It is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the birth announcement of sweet baby #4! Love y'all!

Lisa Frith

Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Sweet niece! You are beautiful, inside and out. Baby 4, you are very lucky. Much love, Aunt Sha

Chasity Mooney said...

Congratulation! I am so happy for you, four babies are so much fun. I always waited for my babiesbabies to make their own birthdays too. My fourth HAS always been easy going! :) My mom says he has "4th baby syndrome". Lol! Have a fantastic delivery, and I will keep you all in my prayers.

The Mershawn's said...
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The Mershawn's said...

Chasity! What a sweet surprise to see this comment waiting for me:). Hope you're doing so good! Your family sure is adorable. Thanks for the prayers. Everything went so well. And this little guy is just the sweetest. Loving having him around!
And Lisa, same to you! Sweet surprise seeing this comment waiting for me too! Yep. I'd say our family hit a growth spurt since you guys left…lol! Thank you. Love you guys too!!