Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lincoln's birthday

October 24, 2014.
At 7:30 am, we arrived at the hospital to jump start some labor for my 41 week pregnant self.
By 9 am, I had some pitocin & a lovely epidural running through my veins.
By 3:00, there was pretty minimal change, since my body had to get itself going from only being a 1.5 cm dilated & not very ready.
At 3:00 pm, I was at a 3. Special. 
But, then things picked up.

That happy face got very uncomfortable as the contractions got harder & closer together.
Then pressure hit. I've never felt pressure that intense before.
TMI? Sorry…
Anyway. My nurse had noticed on the monitor outside how intense things had become & came to check me.
At 3:30 pm, I was at an 8.
Yep. Half an hour. 5 cm. Praise Jesus for epidurals! Yikes.
The pressure continued to build, the contractions did too & by 4:00 pm, I was completely dilated & ready to go! We waited on my doctor for a few minutes.
Then 2 pushes later, we welcomed our 4th baby into the world, at 4:22 pm.

A precious baby boy.
Who did not appreciate his rude awakening-welcome.

He yelled & cried & made my heart swell, knowing he was healthy, alive, & beautiful.

Mitchel made me smile…
He stayed right by that little warming bed & asked that nurse question after question about what they were doing.
4th time around, I guess he finally got curious. Lol!
Dad's are awesome.

He was perfect.
8 lbs 13 oz, 21 inches.
Lincoln Davis Mershawn.

We had some quiet moments.
The nursing staff & my doctor are always just the greatest.
Everyone was so happy for us & excited to see family reactions to the news of our 3rd boy.

We told the kids first.
They kind of deserved to be in the know first…

They were super excited.
So sweet. And fun.
They announced the news to the rest of our crew with blue balloons.

I think Tucker was the most excited about his new brother.
Just the sweetest.

And Truett was just the most excited.
About nothing really.
Just life in general.

Cousins came.



Teaching how to hold a new baby.

He's a natural.

And when people started getting stir crazy & losing their cool (my kids), everyone made their exit & I was left alone with my newest little one.

Those few days in the hospital are always such a blur.
Pain & discomfort.
Peace & bliss.
Sweet visitors.
Lots of quiet, perfect for getting to know a new little person.
It's really just great.

And then, just like that, they're sending you home.

Our sweet little bubble gets expanded to home.

And, then it begins.
Back at it. School.
And siblings.
And cleaning.
And food.
And visitors.
And meals brought by dear friends.
And time off work to help a new mama out.
And doctor visits.
And long phone conversations with those who know you best.
And picking up where you left off.
And adjusting to life anew, again.

And trying to soak in all the new, while letting go of the old.
It's a crazy place to be in; the world of new.
Change is hard.
But it is also so beautiful.
Life is a gift. Tiny & new, grown & old.
It's our job to soak it in & let God fill it up.
Trying to do that…even in this new season of adjusting.
Emotions & hormones are hard stuff.
But I'm determined to see the best in these days, because they really are my best days.
And Lincoln?
He's just plain awesome.
I couldn't love this boy more.
We are tremendously grateful the Lord saw fit to give this precious person to us.
Words can't express how intensely blessed we are!

Thank you to all of you who have been here for us these past couple of weeks.
We treasure & love each one of you so much.

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