Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas tree 2014

Here's a look into our 2014 Christmas tree day.
Yes, I realize it's January 21st.
Just doing my part…spreading holiday cheer into the new year!

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is cutting down our Christmas tree.

Tucker made a friend.
A donkey who loved him for feeding him.

And there it was…
kind of a Griswold family moment.

That man.
My greatest friend, my most favorite person.
He's the best, for real.

Just a couple years ago, that boy with the pom-pom on his head was running me ragged around the tree farm, trying to keep up with his crazy toddler self.
Now he excitedly watches.
In just a few more years, he could be cutting down our tree.
Time is crazy fast. A little mean. But, really exciting.

Everyone got a turn to "cut down the tree."
Except Lincoln & I.

Talk about growing up.

That little guy was so giddy with excitement over our "ho-ho tree."
2 year old excitement is so fun to be a part of.


He tries more & more each day to be like his dad.
I love watching it.

I still look at all those faces & can't believe I get to be their mom.
And sweat a little.

Everyone had a turn holding baby Lincoln.
We all had a really great day.
Came home with our giant tree.
And my heart was full.
I really love these guys.


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

And we love you all too!! They are growing up so fast. Why I could actually be getting old??? LOL

Tina Certain said...

So adorable... Makes Grammy's heart a tad full too and can't believe I get to be part of their lives. Thanks for sharing them😘