Monday, January 12, 2015

Lincoln Life {2 months}

On December 24th our littlest guy turned 2 months old.
This is his mother finally recording him at 2 months.
Because in 2 weeks, he will be 3 months.
I consider that a win! Ha!

Sweet Lincoln,
 You became a 2 month old on Christmas Eve.
You had a wonderful first Christmas, full of family time, warm snuggles, crazy cousins (& siblings), lots of presents, & sweet smiles.

 At 2 months you are smiling like crazy, trying to laugh, talking a lot, starting to yell while you grin so big, still a big time cuddl
er, & getting stronger.

 You love to lay on the floor or sit in our arms & watch the fire in the fireplace, your sister & brothers doing what they do, or at your new toys.
You really just love being around.

 Did I mention that you are well loved?
The 2 year old in the above picture (who has marker, not blood, on his face…isn't that normal?) loves you very intensely. He is watched closely…

 You smile the biggest for Dad & I.
Tucker & Parker aren't far behind.
And Truett…you love him, but a little more cautiously. 

 You love to kick your legs & roll to your side to look at things.
Here lately you're getting very close to rolling yourself over.
Can I just say, please stop trying so hard to grow up?!
You also have become quite good at kicking your legs & using the floor to turn yourself in circles while laying on the floor.
Maybe I should just stop putting you on the floor…

 You've gotten a lot stronger lately.
Pushing up off the floor & holding yourself up on your hands for just a few minutes at a time.
You kick your feet when you get excited.

 You love to play patty-cake, sing "if you're happy & you know it," look at books & talk to your "friends" on your playmat.
You're sleeping so well.
You still sleep in our room at night, but during the day you nap in your room, on our bed, on the couch, in your swing, & when I can make it happen, in my arms.
That's my favorite napping place.
I think it's yours too…

At 2 months you're weighing over 12 lbs.
You were
You're nursing 8- 9 times a day still, because, obviously you're a growing boy!
You're in 3-6 month clothes & size 1 diapers.
Some days you spit up all day long, other days hardly at all.
You have the best cheeks for kissing.
And the fuzziest head for stroking (Truett's fave).
You're starting to tolerate your car seat much better, not crying every time we sit still.
You're never fussy, & pretty much always a happy guy.
We call you Mr. Linc, Mr. Lincoln, baby Linc, & baby Happy.

  At this point in our little photo shoot, Truett couldn't contain himself any longer & started marching all around you.
That's his foot & leg behind you.
Also, Tucker brought in his bike. That's the orange circle behind you.
Parker was at school, or I'd imagine an impromptu performance of Annie going on in the background.
And that's our life sweet thing.
Constant noise & chaos.
And you add the perfect amount of sweetness to it all.
As a matter of fact, here lately, when things get nuts, I may be known for going over to you, making a crazy face & watching you smile, to help calm myself down.
Thanks for that. I know one day, you'll be adding to all the fun in this household, but for now, thanks for being sweet, happy, & just the cutest.
We love you tons Lincoln baby!!


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

SO cute! Love your blogs so much. AND so glad you added him to the top of your family header. Looks perfect now! Love you 6!

The Mershawn's said...

Thanks Aunt Sha! And, glad you noticed the top too…it was bugging me;)!