Friday, February 6, 2015

Truett loves being big

I've been wanting to post about my little, spunky 2 1/2 year old for a little while now, but haven't taken the time to do it!
So for now, here's a peek inside life as Mr. Truett.

His Aunt Sha & Uncle Billy gave all their great nieces (now that I type that, I'm realizing there's only one! Poor Miss P.) & nephews markers & giant coloring sheets for Christmas.
A hit all the way around, but especially for this guy.

 You see, Truett loves being big.

 If his "guys" (the big kids)- especially Tuck- are doing something, Truett is insistent on doing it, too.
Insistent I tell you.
This boy has some determination.
He knows what he wants & goes after it.
A really great quality, except when you're 2 & have to clear those bright ideas with your parents, who often say no.
*Disclaimer: When your ideas consist of candy for breakfast or using those markers on the walls or climbing the bathroom cabinet to make a giant mess play in the water or run out the front door when no one asked you to or to step on your baby brother, you will hear no, often loudly.*

 But the drawing & coloring are things he asks for all on his own.
Markers are big people stuff.
And he relishes that fact.
"Look mom! Me do mah-kuhs! Me do it."

 B-wack (black) is his favorite.
It makes nice, bold lines.
He likes bold.

 He also loves to draw on himself, followed by a loud "sw-o-wee mama!"
Then some laughing, because I don't really think he's all that sorry.

 Did I mention he's in love with his paci still?

 My little, big boy.
You are the cutest, silliest, craziest, sweetest, loudest little mischief maker, marker lover I know!

Oh. And, he also has a money obsession.
Only coins.
From the US, Spain, Mexico, Chuck E Cheese…the more the better.
His sister, who's hand is pictured above, most likely lived to regret touching his money.
Even though some of it was probably hers.
He's cute, but don't cross him.
He can be found most days carrying his money cup around, stopping every few minutes to wail over the fact he just spilled his cup. Every few minutes.
And, oh man, I couldn't love him & all his shenanigans more if I tried!

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