Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lincoln Life {3 months}

Lincoln is 4 months today.
I am officially behind.
But at least I haven't completely drowned yet & am still going at it!

Lincoln, your 3rd month can be summed up in 1 word: SWEET.
Goodness, you're just too cute for words & if you were candy, I'd have eaten you up long before now.
What? I'm your mom. That's not creepy.
At 3 months, you did not have a doctor visit, so I have no clue officially how big you are, but I'm guessing you've surpassed 15 pounds.
And you're still long.
You're still wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes, but the 6-9/6-12 months are fitting fairly well these days.
You're also still in size 2 diapers.
And you have a really cute booty in those little things...

You have discovered your hands.
I love to watch you sit quietly & find them.
You draw them in front of you, clasp them together, then gleefully chew on them.
Until you gag yourself.
Then you start all over.
Until I can't stand it anymore & have to squeeze your squishy self.

You give the biggest gummy smiles.
I haven't caught a big one on camera yet.
But I will.
You smile biggest for dad & I.
And you laugh best for us too.
Tucker is a close 2nd.

You also learned to roll over this month.
From your back to your belly.
You're a pretty strong little dude.
Your sister & brothers think this is by far the coolest thing ever.
Goodness they have no idea what's in store for them…

You also still love your feet.
You're getting really good trying to pull your socks off & chewing on them.

You love laying on the floor & screeching.
You fit right in.

You love playing on your play mat & getting all tangled up in the arches.
I still have no idea how you move yourself around so fast.
I'm also ignoring the fact that you seem interested in moving at all.
Just be a baby!

This is the face you make for the camera.
Makes me laugh every time…

You're still not sleeping through the night.
And you're not as consistent as you were about how often you wake up.
Sometimes it's once, sometimes 3 times…
But. We're going strong on the nap thing.

You want nothing to do with being rocked to sleep.
And you're doing really well at settling yourself.
I, however, miss the little baby sleeping in my arms.
But I actually fold laundry again, so it works out.
I guess.

You've completely stolen my heart.
I tell you everyday, I'm so glad it was you.
Happy 3 months Linco!

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Tina Certain said...

Such a cutie and a joy. Your momma is right you make everyone happy and you need to stop growing up so fast. 💗👵😘