Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Tucker

We are now less than a month out from having a baby...if all goes according to plan:).
Our house has been abuzz with baby prep for weeks now, and it feels good to say his room is at least put together.
We still have a few things to do...frame to hang, shelf or 2 to buy, closet to organize.
But overall, it's ready.
And, I actually remembered to break out the camera for some painting pictures.

Poor Mitchel taped and taped and taped so we could get lines on the wall.
It was crazy.
Parker of course thought it was great fun sticking tape on the walls.
And on herself.
(that paint was dry- phew)

My man.
He worked so hard, as usual.
He did all of P's room by himself, and the majority of this one.
Poor guy. He's just darn good at it.
I did paint an orange line all by myself.
But this room is his.
Such a great dad...

Elmo chipped in, too.

And, of course, the big sis.
It was all so very exciting.
He painted a lot at night, so she'd help, then head to bed.
Then the next morning would wake up to see what all dad had done in Tuck's room.
Thrilling to a 2 year old:).

And here it is.
The bed, the dresser, the stripes, and the monkeys.
All waiting for a sweet little boy to move in.

I'm in love with those guys.
Mitchel's not jealous.
At least, I don't think...

My mom said she hopes we're not encouraging bad habits with the monkeys.
I hadn't thought of that...

Mitchel's monkeys.
Drew free hand, painted free hand.
I told you....the man is good.
I sat on the floor & talked while he painted.
What a great wife:).
It's so fun to watch him, though. He makes it look easy.
It's NOT.

We went to the doctor on Tuesday.
All is great. Although there's no action of yet.
My mom's always great to remind me that it's still early.
She was 10 days late with me & 14 with my sister. She's good at encouraging those of us who have to wait for our babies:).
I measured a little small (it was so refreshing to be called SMALL for a change- give me just a second to relish in that- ahhh- okay) but he told me it was fine. He's just low, so he's not filling up his space as much.
I did gain weight. Ho- hum.
We'll keep you all posted. Pray for us!
Patience & peace & health.
We're ready to meet this guy...


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

The room is gorgeous! Way to go Mitchel! Beautiful room as always. We're ready to meet Mr. Tucker also. Love and hugs!

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

Love the nursery! Y'all did a great job. Mitchel is very talented!!

The Johnson's said...

Tucker's room looks great! You guys did an awesome job! :)

The Lowry Place said...

Tucker's room is precious. Did ya'll have to buy a new crib or did you switch our Parker to a big girl bed and used what you had for Tucker.

Hill-O'Shields said...

Love the room! Mitchel did an AWESOME job painting. Wow!

Be blessed~