Sunday, November 21, 2010

Come into my home :)

We're project people.
I'd never really thought about how often we have a project going until here recently.
I discovered...we ALWAYS have a project going, or in the works.
I used to think that once I got a room JUST the way I liked it, I'd never change it again.
I was wrong.
I change my mind....a lot.
But thanks to the many blogs I am hooked on, we've discovered the fun, joy, & budget friendly way of "re-purposing."
SO fun.
That brings me to our new entryway...

Some of you have been in our home once or twice, or many times before.
You may not have ever noticed anything about our entryway.
But I noticed it everyday.
There aren't any windows. It's dark.
I wanted it to be bright & friendly.
After all it's the first & last room people see.

Sorry, these first few pictures are really terrible.
Super blurry.
Oh well.
This is our old bench/shelf unit. We loved this thing when we bought it from Target.
Then I started to be not so crazy about it...so we tweaked it a bit.
Now I LOVE it again...only it's 2 pieces now.
In 2 different rooms:).
And a different color...

Our new entry.
See how dark it is?
But with the yellow & white it feels sunny to me.
To me...that's what matters, right?:)

The once black frames befriended a fresh coat of spray paint.
And so did a few more frames.

The shelf, table, lamp, & chairs are all repainted.
The chair cushions are also recovered.
Did you know IKEA has really cool fabric?

We made the print on the wall, too.
It was way easy...except, be sure you have the CORRECT words before painting them on.
Grr. GRANT should be GIVE.
I'm just...you know...changing up the Word of GOD.
Alright. Have Christmas decorations, a baby birthday, Thanksgiving food, & stuff with my kids to plan.
I love the holidays. :)


Sherrie Kulwicki said...
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Sherrie Kulwicki said...

OK - you definitely got the remodeling bug from your Aunt Sha! Love your changes! Love your thriftiness! Have a blessed Thanksgiving Mershawn family.

The Mershawn's said...

Ha! You're probably totally right...or maybe it's a first born thing? Who knows! Thanks for lovin my changes & thriftiness:). The bench is in the playroom now...pictures of that later. Love you!

The Lowry Place said...

Keeping it fresh and new is always very awesome. I am tired of so much in my house and I'm ready for a project myself. Would for us would be tearing out our master bath which is so tiny and re-doing it floor to ceiling. Can't wait!

Your house I bet is adorable.

The Johnson's said...

LOVE the yellow! Liz & I were at Hancock the other day and there is this yellow fabric I am in love with! I told her every time I come in here it pops out at me!:) I need to make something with it, Ha! Your entry is awesome!

~SHO~ said...

Love the changes! Bright & fun :)


The Mershawn's said...

Thanks guys:). Gotta share our playroom next...it's turning out the way I wanted. Nice when that happens...not always the case though!