Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Countdown 1 year {11 months}

My baby, you are eleven months.
One more & you'll be a toddler....technically.
Only, you'll still be my baby.

You are one busy boy.
You can't stand to have your diaper changed...too much down time.
At nap time, we lay you down & you immediately stand back up to play until you finally crash.
You crawl so fast now.
It really drives you crazy when someone walks by you, you follow them, then they turn around & pass you up.
You want to be where the action is & you're good at getting there.
You cruise around anything you can hold on to.
You're getting very close to taking your first step. Each day you get a little braver.

You put everything in sight & reach in your mouth.
You love being outside.
Seeing Lilly through the back door makes you point your finger wildly, while saying, "na, na, na..." (no, no, no)
You can say hello & dad.
You are one smart baby boy.
You think the house phone is yours.
Anything that lights up or makes noise should, in your personal opinion, instantly be in your possession.
And, I only give in most of the time:)...

And you are, oh so precious.
I squish you a lot.
You've been losing a lot of squish lately, Mr. Skinny.
Way too busy to keep weight on...I should take some lessons from you.

Did I mention you're busy?
No time for picture posing...
especially with a sister distraction,

or a piano to play,

or a box to pull over on yourself,

because after all...

you do like to keep yourself occupied.
Happy 11 months Tucker B.
Now, let's pause this month for a while.
You must stay little for a while longer...just for my heart's sake.


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Man, I agree - it just shouldn't be. Seems like yesterday when he was born. I saw those sweet little fingers in the one picture and melted. I am a sucker for hands. :) He is a sweetie, that's for sure. Happy 11 months Baby Tuck! We love you!!! Aunt Sha and Uncle Billy

Crystal said...

ohhh... tuck!! you're so cute. i want to pick you up and shake you... in a good way :)