Thursday, November 4, 2010

embrace the camera

Ok. So, I love blogs.
It's part of my daily routine.
Wake up. Nurse a baby. Make breakfast. Clean the kitchen & read blogs at the same time;).
Or...if I'm being really honest...
forget that you were cleaning the kitchen & get lost in the land of blog.
Then come back into reality & finish chores & play with some cute kids.
embrace the camera

Well. One of the fun blogs I wander over to every now & then:) hosts "embrace the camera" every Thursday (like the button says).
She started the fun to get us parents (mainly us moms) out from behind the camera & in to the front of it.
I really like that.
So...here's my most recent favorite dad picture. (I know, it's of Mitchel & not me, but I LOVE this picture...)

Taking encouragement from another favorite blogger, I've been trying really hard lately to change my angles & get pictures I wouldn't ordinarily get, shooting a typical picture of Parker & her daddy.
I loved how this one came out. They were looking at giraffes at the zoo.
But what I see is a sweet little girl, with her arm wrapped around her daddy's neck without a care in the world.
She has a daddy she knows loves her, that she can trust, that is strong, & can do anything.
I love that.
And I love that this picture, to me anyway, portrays that.
That was fun...


Mommy Girl said...

Beautiful picture that tells a story.

hill said...

gorgeous shot.

Mom's the Word said...


The Mershawn's said...

Thanks y'all:). That's sweet...

emily said...

so glad you joined us!

i love this picture---the angle is perfect!