Saturday, February 16, 2013

A little snow story

 Hey, remember when it snowed?
Back at Christmas?
These two could not get enough of it.

Strike a pose.
My children are obviously from Texas.
Their mama has no idea how to buy proper snow gear.
But they sure looked cute all bundled up in their makeshift winter garb.

Once upon a time, Parker tried to climb an icy wall.

Then wised up & followed her brother up the much less icy ladder.
"Hey mom! It's snowing!"

 After her brother very politely informed her mother of the snow fall, Parker decided to be brave on a snowy slope (aka the slide).
She got stuck.

 As she prepared for her 2nd attempt, safely inside the snow fort, her father took his opportunity to strike. Snowball style.
In his jammies.
Nice one.

 Out of all the Mershawn's...this guy loves the snow best.
He was quite proud of the snowball he threw. At his children.
And. He was laughing, because he may or may not have nailed a little girl.
Which added to her drama delight. Wait, what?

 As Parker tried to retaliate on her daddy, her mom found better things to do than freezing to death in a snow fort.
Snuggly snugglers.

And Tucker?
Totally smitten with snow.
And 20 minutes later was forced to come in to warm his red hands, wipe his face & shed his soaking clothes.
That boy knows how to play!
The end. :)

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The Lowry Kitchen said...

Why would we? We don't have snow but maybe once a year so all that money spent on snow gear is sort of pointless. I made sure to at least have a good jacket this year that K-bug has worn exactly 2 times. What a waste!