Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 8 months}

2 posts in 1 week?
I'm on a roll :).

 Mr. Truett, at 8 months you are a mover.
Right at 8 months you became a hands & knees, all over the place crawler.
And soon after you were pulling up onto your knees on any surface in your reach.
The best part about you crawling everywhere? You follow me like a little puppy.
And then I squeeze you.

 You've become a squealer. A loud one.
Fits right in.
You love anything made of paper that you can scrunch up & chew on.
You also are beginning to really enjoy books.
I love that.
You love looking at yourself in the mirror. I think you know your pretty awesome.

 You are fascinated with teeth brushing & bath time.
You get extremely excited when you are carried into the bathroom & get a tad disgruntled if you don't end up in the tub.
You are officially sitting up in a big tub for bath time.
I think that has a lot to do with your bath time obsession.
Feeling like a big boy. Stop it.

You are super ticklish & kick your feet non stop.
Your favorite meal of the day is dinner & you love green beans. Just like your Tuck brother.
You're not super fond of your high chair.
And you think you can eat anything we can.
Your a baby. Remember?

And, you are too cute for words.
At the end of this month you are pulling up to your feet on everything within reach & teasing us with cruising around.
Sigh. I just packed up a load of clothes you grew out of too fast.
I would keep you like this forever, but really am so excited to keep figuring you out & seeing what God has put inside you. I am honored to be your mama.
You are a tremendous blessing to your family & you may be rotten because of it.
You are greatly loved, little Bear.

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