Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Truett is 3!

Truett also had a birthday in May.
May 4, 2012 is his day.
And we celebrated on that day at home with just us.
That weekend he had a family & one friend party.
Hey, when you're 3, it's really all just about cake anyway.
That he was determined would be a "Thomas cake."
I do cupcakes. With white frosting. Have you noticed that?
A dear friend heard my worries over this sweet child's request & blessed us greatly with the sweet cake you'll see below.
It was such a special birthday. 3 year old's get so genuinely excited, it is a pure joy to celebrate them…
Truett's birthday in photos:



And Captain America made an appearance just in time to blow out the candles.
Then just like that, my baby was 3.
Can you tell we have a Thomas the Train enthusiast in the fam?
More to come on that crazy kid soon... 

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