Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just things

Doing things.
Planning for a garage sale.
Ugh. Not a fan of the process...but of the money? Yes!

Parker's becoming a lego builder.
As long as it's her Jessie legos.

She's really good.
Her shirt says "Turtlie Awesome."

A goofy dad.
A baby boy chewing on a bracelet.

I don't know.
Normal. Right?

I love my family.

Kids Clothes Week Challenge is almost over & I haven't finished a thing.
Almost done with a little green dress...that's a sneak peek for ya. But it's a terrible picture.
Our camera was in the car & I was lazy & took one with my phone. Blah.
Anyway. Back to the dress...it's actually coming along pretty well.
Just wish I could finish it...


The Lowry Place said...

Yes completely normal! Being goofy is fun.

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

Such precious kids you have!! They are so happy!!